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What is Credit Insurance
What is Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance protects a company against the unforeseen bad debt. Bad Debt Protection is now a crucial part of a company’s credit control and is designed to work along side your existing credit control. A bad debt is insolvency in its widest form or a Protracted Default (non-payment).

Inspire Credit Management is designed to be the complete package that includes your bad debt protection but also includes Global collections at no extra cost for insured debts together with an underwritten opinion on your top customers. A policy can protect you from date of shipment or date of contract if you supply bespoke goods.


Given the uncertain times we are facing there has been a very strong demand for credit insurance from all trade sectors and turnover range. Some funders have restricted limits in place that impacts on your funding, by having your own policy it lets you take control of your credit limits and structure that may release further funding for you if limits are written for you.


You may think you know your customers well and traded with them for years so there is no problem, but would you tell your friends if you were in financial trouble?

You may also think that you only trade with Blue Chip Co’s so you do not need it, Carillion, House of Fraser, Monarch Airlines, Caparo Steel and the list goes on.

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